Court Notice

Court Notice

The Court Notices ads are the type of Legal notice, falls under the category of Public Notices. As the word suggests these are ads which are used to make the general public aware of certain information.

Reasons for Court Notice ads can :

  • Demand Notice : If you have a dispute with anyone, then before taking any legal action you normally have to give them notice. Dispute can be for various reasons & one of them is usually property matters.
  • Summons Recovery : If you have to send a court notice to non-payers or people who pay late always then you can send this kind of notice. It’s used for people who come under the recovery issue.
  • Title of Land or Property : These court notice ads are usually used when a person who is using a piece of land illegally which may not be in his name. That piece of land may belong to someone else.
  • Bankruptcies : These are court notice ads which are send to the companies who would have gone bankrupt, but has been unable to pay the general public which they would have invested in the company.
  • Bids & Proposals
  • Legal Services
  • Notice of Sale Affidavits or/and other legal documents for Legal notice

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