Why Work With Us ?

Why Work With Us?

What’s the one thing you need to know about us?
We make your life easier. It’s that simple.

Placing newspaper ads takes some time. There’s a lot to figure out – what markets, which papers, which day, how often, not to mention you want the best newspaper advertising possible. And that’s all before you can make your first call. There’s a better way than doing it all yourself.

Our team members at ReleaseAd.in are newspaper advertising placement experts. We were born out of the newspaper industry and we know it well. Clients, ad agencies – they’ve all come to us to manage their campaigns.

With one phone call or email, ReleaseAd.in representatives can manage any print advertising campaign. From providing research and planning advice to flawless placement and billing, ReleaseAd.in makes placing effective newspaper ads a breeze.

Your campaign can be local or national. It can be in small community newspapers, major metros or niche publications. It can be for a bank, a hospital or a non-profit – it doesn’t matter. We know you want the best newspaper advertising and we’ll be there to help. We select publications based on client instruction or market representation. Looking for an ethnic, alternative, college or international publication? We have that covered too! We use planning experience and research to provide you with the most effective newspaper advertising possible.

So when you find yourself needing some help placing your next newspaper campaign, print or digital, give us a call. We’ll help you research, plan and place the whole thing. In the end, it won’t cost you anything extra. With a wide network of local and national newspapers, we can get you ad placement. We place campaigns at the same rates (or better), as if you had placed it yourself.